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Apple has already patented a new Touch ID, in case the on-screen location fails

Apple has always been characterized by patenting new ideas, technologies and products that have not always seen the light , but other of these patents are very important characteristics of the products of the apple today.

Today, thanks to the U.S. Patent Office, we have seen a new chapter in Apple’s history with its patents. In particular the document shows how Apple could be working on placing its Touch ID in a completely new and yet strange position.

Apple has already patented a new Touch ID, in case the on-screen location failsApple has already patented a new Touch ID, in case the on-screen location fails

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Much has been said over the last year about what will be the position of the fingerprint reader that will accompany the next iPhone, where the most optimistic believe that Apple will manage to implement it on screen , while some detractors bet that it will be located at the back of the terminal, as has happened with the latest models of Samsung or LG.

Apple has patented what may be a rather peculiar location as far as fingerprint readers are concerned. Californians would have thought of placing their Touch ID in the terminal’s power button , a position we have already seen in some terminals of the Xperia family not so long ago.

The big question about this news is why Apple could be considering placing its fingerprint reader in this location , if the latest rumors claimed that it would have already managed to implement it on the screen of its iPhone 8.

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No doubt if Apple hesitates between placing its fingerprint reader on screen, or on the power button surely users would prefer on screen, but we must remember that this choice is not so easy and even more so if Californians are having as many problems placing it on screen as other companies have had with their flagships.

What we must be clear about is that Apple is doing everything possible and trying everything, to be able to remove the Touch ID from the front of their terminals to get an iPhone without bezels that takes advantage of the screen ratio much better, as most brands are doing this year.