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Apple has already finished recording its new… Reality Show?

Apple Adquiere los Derechos de “Carpool Karaoke”

Estas apps, serán juzgadas por un jurado repleto de celebridades como Will.I.Am, Gwyneth Paltrow o Jessica Alba . En su mano estará el decidir si las creaciones de los participantes merecen llevarse el gran premio de 10 millones de dólares en capital riesgo para continuar con el desarrollo.

Apple has already finished recording its new… Reality Show?
Apple has already finished recording its new… Reality Show?

De esta manera, Apple sigue desarrollando sus producciones originales, con propuestas realmente curiosas, que no dejan muy claro si los de Cupertino se toman realmente en serio el negocio. Tendremos que esperar a primavera de este mismo año , que es cuando estará disponible en Apple Music, para averiguarlo por nosotros mismos en “Planet of the Apps”.

In recent years, the entertainment industry has taken more advantage than ever of the new media the Internet provides. Now, becoming a content creator and doing so reaching a large audience is easier than ever . In order to reach as many people as possible, telecommunication companies are allied with content creators, in order to greatly increase their effectiveness in trying to influence the masses.

On the other hand, it is also easier to share their creations for those who create content that is out of the ordinary. Content that would otherwise be hidden from the general public because of its ideas, because of its concept. The network provides all its users with the freedom to express new ideas, to innovate . And it seems that Apple’s creatives have thought of just that when creating this “show”.

Let’s make one thing clear, Apple is not Netflix, and at the moment, it is not in their plans to become a copy of this service. Apple wants to give its developers the opportunity to take their applications to stardom , to become the next “hit”. All this, by means of an at least curious format, a sort of reality show in which its contestants will work to turn their ideas into fully functional apps.


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