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Apple has a secret team working to improve Siri


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Everyone seems to agree that Siri still has a great deal of room for improvement and in this respect, one of the tasks the development team is working on is to give the assistant a more natural voice . In this sense, Apple has a team working in secret to improve the functioning of the Voice Assistant.

Apple has a secret team working to improve Siri
Apple has a secret team working to improve Siri

This team is made up of VocalIQ, a company dedicated to voice systems assisted by artificial intelligence, which, as we said, was acquired by Apple. This firm achieved that the success rate in the recognition of complex voice commands, is 90% against 20% of Siri.

The VocalIQ team focuses its efforts from its headquarters in Cambridge, UK, on making the Siri voice sound more natural in its relationship with the user. As you may have noticed, iOS 10 made some progress in this direction but what VocalIQ has in hand goes much further than what we have seen so far. In fact, the achievements made by this start up in speech recognition were so spectacular that Apple acquired it before it even launched its own app .

The technology of VocalIQ is not yet on Siri but everything seems to indicate that it could arrive on iOS 11 and it seems to offer results far superior to those of Google in terms of voice recognition. After the acquisition, Apple allowed some of VocalIQ’s thirty employees to join Siri’s development team, while the rest are still working at the Cambridge site to refine their system for future integration with Apple’s assistant.


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