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Apple has a new partner for its augmented reality glasses: Valve

Apple’s enthusiasm for augmented reality is more than known. And although for years rumors about the key product that would complement the company’s developments in this technology have failed, recently a group of Apple’s leaking experts have agreed that 2020 will be the definitive year for the apple tree’s augmented reality glasses.

As the imore medium, based on a leak published by Digitimes , Apple may be about to introduce its augmented reality glasses, although this time it won’t do it alone. According to reports, Cupertino’s boys have teamed up with the video game company Valve for this purpose.

Apple has a new partner for its augmented reality glasses: Valve
Apple has a new partner for its augmented reality glasses: Valve

This time, the Digitimes news, known for being right many times, but also for failing in many other rumors about Apple, coincides with the estimates about a definitive date, made previously by the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo , who in general has always been very accurate with the Apple news.

With regard to product development, the new augmented reality glasses from Apple and Valve, a company that already has its own model, would have the manufacture of Taiwan Quanta Computer and Pegatron . About the exact design, the reports were not so specific, but it will surely have much in common with the prototypes known in recent years, which generally have similarities between them.

Although most people are betting on mid-2020 with a deadline, or even if it takes a little longer, nobody rules out the fact that Apple is actively working on the development of augmented reality glasses. Except when the company’s own CEO, Tim Cook has declared himself a fan of this technology.

Thus on many occasions, Cook has stated about the potentialities of augmented reality , and how it could make digital content become part of the user’s world and as popular as smartphones among consumers. And if Tim says so, there is a reason why

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