“Apple has a big problem and will not be able to survive”

Million-dollar sales, stocks that are rising like crazy, good market portions… during the last few years everything has been good news for Apple leaving aside some few skids. Everyone is optimistic about Cupertino’s company, which is growing steadily even in a time of global economic crisis. Is there anyone who looks at Apple’s current state from a pessimistic point of view? Pocket-Lint

“Apple has a big problem and will not be able to survive”
“Apple has a big problem and will not be able to survive”

Apple's in a lot of trouble. It's sitting on a huge pile of money, but it's also sitting on a closed system. History tells us that a closed system never survives.

It is certainly the most pessimistic view we have heard in a long time. From Apple's point of view, the company simply wants to make the best software for its users, regardless of anything else. In Cupertino they show the opposite of a model like Android's , with which we can modify any aspect of the system.

I don't think Apple is concerned about these statements, especially considering Steve Jobs' philosophy with users: "They don't know what they want until you give it to them. So far it has worked out wonderfully for them, but although Hochman sounds alarmist, perhaps this can serve as a warning for Apple to consider that this model might not work forever .

Do you think that Apple can end up in a disaster with the current model in the medium or long term because of competitive open platform advances? Feel free to comment on that in the comments.

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