Apple has a 7.85-inch iPad in its labs

The TechnoBuffalo blog has announced with some commotion that John Gruber, someone quite linked to Apple, has commented in his 5by5 podcast on the existence of an iPad mini.

Gruber said that a large number of Apple workers have told him about the existence of a 7.85-inch tablet in the company’s laboratories , but that he has no idea whether it will ever see the light of day.

Apple has a 7.85-inch iPad in its labs
Apple has a 7.85-inch iPad in its labs

Rumors of an iPad under 8 inches have been swirling around the Internet’s most active forums for many weeks, including reliable sources such as the New York Times, claiming that Apple has the new device ready.

Specifically, Gruber remarked that:

To clarify concepts, he also said that it is one of the many ideas Apple is working on, but that he has no idea when, if ever, it will be released.

The truth is that a smaller iPad is becoming more and more possible . With the success of tablets in the $200-300 range from companies like Amazon and its Kindle Fire, or Barnes & Noble, we’re sure the apple company doesn’t want to miss out on its share of the pie.

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