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Apple, Google and Samsung want to go “green” with their new campuses


Apple’s next campus “spaceship” is not only pleasing to the eye, it will be designed, like the facilities planned for Google, Facebook and Samsung, to be greener than its predecessor, continuing the trend of being increasingly “green” that is being seen lately in Silicon Valley technology companies.

The new Apple campus will be very “green”

Apple, Google and Samsung want to go “green” with their new campuses
Apple, Google and Samsung want to go “green” with their new campuses

Bloomberg reported Thursday on the trend of eco-awareness that is sweeping the technology sector, and said it began with plans for Apple’s second campus. Several of the biggest names in technology are planning buildings that will be less like office lines and more like nature preserves.

Speaking at the company’s annual shareholder meeting, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the site of the company’s new campus will reclaim much of the land. The company will demolish all the buildings that currently occupy the same land. Currently the site is covered 80% by asphalt and concrete, but when the project is completed, that number will be reduced to 20%.

The renderings of the artists who have planned the installations show a circular building covered by solar panels and with a design that is said to make the building self-sufficient in energy .

Google, Facebook, nVidia and Samsung have also announced new campuses, and all seem to be following Apple’s green idea. Google’s new facility, designed in part by architects from NBBJ , will restore three acres of wetlands on a 42-acre property in Mountain View. There is also talk that the building may contain a water recycling system. The roofs of Google’s campus buildings have been landscaped to reduce heating and cooling costs.

The Facebook campus will have trees growing on top of many of its buildings. Much of the structure will be hidden with vegetation, giving the appearance of a wooded hill rather than a warehouse.

Being so “green” is not exactly cheap. Apple’s plans involve planting 6,000 trees on a 176-acre property, including a wooded yard with 108 trees. Relocating an adult-sized tree can cost between $60,000 and $100,000 per tree.

What do you think? I think it’s great that technology companies have a conscience to try to do as little damage as possible to our planet. Great initiative.

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