Apple gives new details about its autonomous driving system

The Titan project at Apple was something very much commented on by everyone but that has started to go downhill in the last months, or that is the feeling that has been transmitted to all the media . Apple has attempted to make a comeback in this area by publishing a technical report in which they provide information about their efforts in autonomous driving, basically focusing on safety.

As we say in this report, they are focusing on the safety efforts they are making in order to be able to design their autonomous driving software. The report is not at all very extensive but quite the opposite, it is quite brief and does not give too many details.

Apple gives new details about its autonomous driving system
Apple gives new details about its autonomous driving system

They wanted to emphasize the use they are making of artificial intelligence and machine learning which they are incorporating into this software in order to improve security. Specifically, we read the following:

We are investing a lot of time in the study of machine learning and automation, and we are enthusiastic about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transport. In particular, we believe that automated driving systems (ADSs) hold the promise of significantly improving the human experience in three key areas: improving road safety, increasing mobility and achieving wider social benefits.

Apple’s self-contained driving system mounted on a Lexus car.

In addition, they have also addressed the issue of the driver profile they have in place that passes a fairly important filter. For example, those chosen must not have had any kind of fine in the last 10 years and obviously must never have had their driving licence withdrawn in addition to not having had any serious accidents. Obviously they also pass drug tests and a background check to avoid the human factor affecting this software.

To all this is added a reference to the operation of this software that would be based on data from a series of sensors including LiDAR, radar and cameras. Obviously to avoid that this technology can be extrapolated to another brand.

Safety in this autonomous driving system is vital for drivers to be able to rely on this type of software than on if you are going to drive for them and on which their road safety will depend.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of these details that have been thrown up in this new report that we leave you here.

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