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Apple gets patent for MacBook Air’s signature shapes

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Something that on the one hand is fair since the investment made to develop the design of your notebook has to be compensated and does not make the task easier and save costs for other companies that at first sight bring out suspiciously identical equipment.

Apple gets patent for MacBook Air’s signature shapes
Apple gets patent for MacBook Air’s signature shapes

But it’s also true that the new patent may negatively affect the future of ultrabooks, something that Intel may not be too happy about since it wants lighter computers. Patent D661,296 describes Apple’s laptop design through drawings. But it does so in a lax way. The drawings defend the design in general lines but not elements such as the rubbers used in the base, hinge or opening . It seems that what really interests him is to keep the right to be the only one who can use that water drop design when we see the laptop in profile and closed where the computer narrows.

We don’t know what Apple will do now. Whether their intentions will be to enter into new patent wars with manufacturers like Asus or Acer and their S3 among others or just have an AS up their sleeve in case they receive any demand. I, personally, would bet more on the second option. A method to solve future conflicts or even to settle current ones using the advantage that the patent would give you since there seems to be few options to improve the design of the MacBook Air or to modify it and use it in the ultrabooks.

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