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Apple Gets Domain without Spilling Blood


One week after Apple filed a formal complaint with WIPO ( World Intellectual Property Organization ), the original owner of the domain name has assigned its rights to the apple company’s legal team.

Apple Gets Domain without Spilling BloodApple Gets Domain without Spilling Blood

By diving into the case information, we can infer that Apple’s lawyers have “scared” the original domain owner into letting go without a fight. Surely they would tell him how the legal process was going to be and the owner decided to get out of the way.

Until now, the domain belonged to the company Global Access, located in a tax haven. It seems that this is not the first time that they buy a domain with the intention of speculating with it. However, this time it seems that they have not succeeded .

What will happen to this domain? Most likely, simply by entering the address in the browser, will redirect us to the Apple page dedicated to the new iPad. We recall that a similar dispute took place a few months ago with the domain .

But will the rotten apple company get the juicy domain , which for now does not belong to it?

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