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Apple gets 103.6% of the market

For weeks there have been several rumours circulating about the benefits that Cupertino’s could have with the company’s latest terminal. After weeks of waiting for the official results of the company, everything points to the iPhone being a great success in sales , as determined by different analysts.

Despite the strong competition in the technology market today, Californians continue to sweep the board with their iPhone . There is no doubt that the double camera of the Plus model, as well as the various design improvements, have been of vital importance for customers to find interest in the new versions.

Apple gets 103.6% of the marketApple gets 103.6% of the market

In this way, Apple has managed to outperform all its competitors with more than positive figures.

As reported by analysts at BMO Capital Markets, Apple’s analysts would have achieved in the Q3 fiscal period , corresponding to the months of July, August and September, 103.6 percent of all market profits .

As expected, the second strongest rival was Samsung , which achieved a small difference of 0.9 percent . On the other hand, it is worth noting that brands such as HTC or LG registered losses during that fiscal quarter.

Let us emphasize that Samsung is in first position with respect to units sold , with 21.7 percent , while those of Apple are in second position with 13.2 percent of units sold. This is Apple’s great strategy, which achieves higher profits with fewer units sold.

This is the first time that Cupertino’s has managed to exceed 100 percent profit, without a doubt, the success of the iPhone 7 has been crucial to achieving these results . In contrast, we are not looking at Apple’s best revenue, although the figures predict a good future for the company . Nevertheless, Apple continues to be the most powerful company in the world, so money is not something that is in short supply at the California headquarters.