Apple fires 190 people from its self-employed vehicle division

El Apple Car podría ser, después de todo, una “Apple Furgoneta”

Al igual que en el momento en el que se supo de la existencia de este proyecto, poco sabemos de lo que acabará ocurriendo con él . Si llegará en algún momento en forma de producto comercial, o si acabará convirtiéndose en una tecnología usada por otros fabricantes es algo que desconocemos por completo. De hecho, ni siquiera estamos seguros de si no lo habrán cancelado para cuando llegue 2023, que es la fecha en la que supuestamente lo llevarían al mercado. Por ahora, tendremos que seguir esperando.

Apple fires 190 people from its self-employed vehicle division
Apple fires 190 people from its self-employed vehicle division

Few projects seem as unstable as Apple’s autonomous car. Less than a month ago, we talked about the disappointing results the company’s vehicles were producing in California, where they are subject to major government controls. Apparently, the company was having quite a few problems in turning its vehicle into a reliable car, something that could be seen through the number of interventions they have to make on each journey.

Still, this wasn’t the only time Apple had problems with its autonomous car division. The company has been working on its Titan project for many years, and it has not always been so clear that it is something worth developing. In fact, even one of its main investors had some doubts about the results Apple could have by entering the automotive market. Now, the company shows us that perhaps there was more than doubt.

According to MacRumors, Apple has decided to make cuts in personnel in its autonomous vehicle division for a total of 190 employees. This change is in line with the company’s announcement last month, which will also mean that some of the workers will be relocated to other Apple divisions. On the reasons for these adjustments, it is speculated that it could be a reorganization of the autonomous car projects after the entry of Doug Field, former Tesla employee.

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