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Apple files new patent related to its augmented reality glasses

Apple’s augmented reality glasses are still a mystery to street users, but this weekend the company registered a new patent in Europe related to this device. This patent addresses one of the most important problems with AR/VR glasses: their size and comfort.

Apple’s AR/AV glasses get closer

Obviously one of the big pitfalls for Apple engineers or other companies, is to put a lot of hardware into a design that has to be lightweight and comfortable to wear for several hours in our head, supported by our nose and ears. Right now this is a problem, because as recognized in the patent itself, the glasses are big, heavy and uncomfortable.

Apple files new patent related to its augmented reality glasses
Apple files new patent related to its augmented reality glasses

Besides being heavy, the patent reflects that these glasses s could not be used for several hours in a row because they would end up making the user dizzy, so the solution proposed in this document is to project screens in front of the user’s eyes.

That is to say, the slow ones would project this image in our eyes in an intelligent way, detecting at all times the refraction projects that might exist and also analyzing our eyes so that the projected image is seen at maximum definition depending on our autonomy.

Obviously if the detectors can analyse our eyes in this way, they will also be able to adjust the images for those of us with myopia or other visual impairment , making the images perfectly in focus at any time.

We are expectant about how they will solve the issue of weight and size of the glasses but already with this patent it is clear that the aspect of comfort is solved, preventing us from having headaches by using these glasses.

Many of us see this technology as very futuristic, but it is clear that the big companies are working against the clock to revolutionize our daily lives with these new products.

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