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Apple Files Final Argument Against Samsung in Patent Trial

Apple and Samsung are immersed in a constant war plagued by small battles . Among them, we must highlight the patent trial against the South Korean company that is currently taking place in the United States. This trial, which we have already told you about on other occasions, is already very advanced and just yesterday Cupertino’s company presented its final argument against the South Korean company .

The US company claimed that the patent infringement was not by Google, but that it was the South Korean company that copied Apple out of desperation. Harold McElhinny, one of the apple’s lawyers, commented during this plea that ” unlike fairy tales, we know that Samsung’s illegal strategy has been a great success “.

Apple Files Final Argument Against Samsung in Patent Trial
Apple Files Final Argument Against Samsung in Patent Trial

On the other hand, the lawyer commented that the mobile phone market has evolved to such an extent that currently has become a race with two clear favourites: Apple and Samsung , a position that the South Korean company has managed to achieve by selling millions of devices, of which 37 million were infringing patents .

Apple managed to revolutionize the market with the iPhone in 2007

Harold McElhinny continued his closing argument reminding the jury there that it was Apple the company in charge of launching the first smartphone to the market back in 2007, the original iPhone that revolutionized the mobile phone market and changed it forever, in addition to launching the first tablet on the market in 2010, the iPad.

Another of McElhinny’s arguments is, in his own words, that

As we said at the beginning of this news, this allegation reiterates that the lawsuit is not against Google or its Android operating system, but that it is Samsung that manufactures products that infringe patents and subsequently sells them.

Finally, Apple’s lawyer concluded that this lawsuit by the American company was the last option they had to defend themselves , since the company cannot deviate from their inventions, hence the situation has taken them to court.

Samsung rejected all of Apple’s arguments

Apple spent two hours making its closing statement and according to the iPhoneInCanada guys, Samsung took the same time to make its own. The South Korean company, among other things, rejected all arguments put forward by McElhinny , something the apple company expected to happen.

Bill Price, Samsung’s lawyer, claimed that:

Once this is done, the final decision rests with the jury, whose members will have to deliberate and decide which company had a better argument . Who do you think will win this trial?

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