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Apple files a patent that allows the Touch ID to be displayed under the iPhone’s screen

Yes, friends, Apple has not yet ruled out the idea of including the famous Touch ID (fingerprint sensor) under the screen of their devices. This is what we have been able to find out thanks to this document.

In this post we tell you everything about this patent, when we would see it and what will happen with the Touch ID in the iPhone 8.

Touch ID under the glass

Apple files a patent that allows the Touch ID to be displayed under the iPhone’s screen
Apple files a patent that allows the Touch ID to be displayed under the iPhone’s screen

A couple of months ago we told you that the company Vivo had managed to integrate the fingerprint reader into the screen of their new terminal. This ruled out Apple being the first company to integrate it. A few months ago it seemed that Apple would be ahead of any company . There was even speculation that Samsung’s recently introduced Galaxy Note 8 could incorporate it and finally it did not.

The company Vivo was the first to implement the Touch ID on the screen

The fact is that with the arrival of terminals with barely wide screens, and with hardly any frames, the possibility of incorporating the fingerprint reader in the front has been reduced and with this the telephone companies are implementing it in the back. Apple, on the other hand, worked hard to integrate it into the screen , and although there are still possibilities, the truth is that were not very successful with their prototypes according to sources close to the company.

We recently learned that the Cupertino people have registered a patent that shows the possibility of introducing the Touch ID under the glass of the screen. This is the description given in the patent document.

It would not come in the short term

This patent should be a source of joy for iPhone users. Even those who use an iPad could benefit in the future from a hypothetical Touch ID under the screen . But it seems that there is still a lot of work to be done.

The patent is there, and serves as proof that Apple does not abandon that idea, but does not assure us that we will see it in the short term in devices that are to be presented in future dates. I am personally inclined to think that no terminal presented between this year and next year will carry such technology.

The reason why it would not arrive in the short term is that, although the theory is more or less clear, in practice it is not so easy to implement such an improvement . Technology advances very quickly but that entails a lot of work behind that can take months or even years, depending on what is being worked on.

Will the iPhone 8 Touch ID be available?

Having said that, we have to rule out that the 10th anniversary iPhone (iPhone 8, for lack of an official name) can carry the Touch ID on the screen.

The latest rumours suggest that Apple has ruled out including the fingerprint reader in what will be its star device this year . It is said that the new facial recognition would be so advanced that it could even replace the fingerprint. However, in view of the complaints and criticisms from users, it could eventually be worn on the back or even on the side.

Tim Cook will present the new iPhone in September at a special event

Ultimately, we will not know the location of the Touch ID on the iPhone 8, if included, until it is introduced in September. We remind you that the latest rumours, from very reliable sources such as The Wall Street Journal, point to September 12th. So would be less than 2 weeks away from that event.

What do you think of this patent? Do you think we’ll finally see an iPhone with a fingerprint reader under the screen? Cu tell us your impressions in the comments.

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