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Apple fights to buy Toshiba’s NAND memory drive

The NAND memory unit manufactured by Toshiba is trying to be purchased by various companies , Apple along with Amazon or Google is on this list.

Ten companies are looking to buy Toshiba’s NAND unit

There are about ten companies interested in buying this NAND unit from Toshiba . Even so, the different aspects regarding the economic offers are still not clear. Even so, some rumors are circulating that the union of two American companies such as Silver Lake and Broadcom have offered 2 trillion yen , about 18 billion dollars , for its purchase. If these data are real, we are in front of great figures for Cupertino’s.

Apple fights to buy Toshiba’s NAND memory driveApple fights to buy Toshiba’s NAND memory drive

The former Apple suppliers TSMC and Foxconn would also have agreed to acquire NAND from Toshiba . It was only today that we finally heard that Apple is also working on the acquisition. Even so, it is believed that the suppliers were negotiating on behalf of Apple or that it has confused these names with this fact.

So far the one that seems to have more points is not Apple

The data we have been able to obtain so far does not put Apple as the future owner of NAND. In fact, it seems that it is Western Digital who has the upper hand, in addition to already owning much of the NAND market. Foxconn, on the other hand, is considered the least attractive, due to the controversy between Chinese and Japanese companies.

If it were finally Apple or Foxconn who got this purchase, I would put them above Samsung, as it is now the most dominant company in the NAND market . This would allow Apple to reduce its distance from other companies that already have this technology. Let’s remember that so far, Apple uses flash memory from Samsung and Toshiba; the iPhone 7 Plus has flash memory provided by Toshiba, while the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, has the same memory but manufactured by Samsung.

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