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Apple Faces New Lawsuit over Butterfly Keyboard Failure

Apple is once again fighting to bring the case before a court of law in the United States, this time over the ruling of numerous butterfly keyboards of the MacBook manufactured from 2015 and the MacBook Pro manufactured from 2016. Consumers have taken this case to court because they saw clear negligence on the part of Cupertino’s company, demanding as they do not compensation for the damages caused.

The butterfly keyboard was announced by Apple as a true wonder, offering the user a more sensitive touch when pressing a key but with robust components, something that has not materialized in reality, as there have been many failures that have emerged.

Apple Faces New Lawsuit over Butterfly Keyboard Failure
Apple Faces New Lawsuit over Butterfly Keyboard Failure

But the design was not the most appropriate, as expressed in the demand itself, since the design lets a lot of dust or bits of food pass through the spaces around each key , making the keyboard finally not work properly causing in certain cases that if we press a key it doesn’t end up registering the keystroke or that it costs a lot to press the key.

Zixuan Rao, one of the affected users, has stated that on his 2015 MacBook Pro he had several problems with the “B” key as reported by AppleInsider. Although he first tried to repair it himself by removing the key and cleaning it, in the end he had to go to an Apple Store where they couldn’t solve the problem either. In the end, he had to send his MacBook in for a free repair, since was covered by Apple’s warranty . Had it not been under warranty, the price of the repair would have been $700 as it was for Kyle Barbaro.

Apple has not openly acknowledged this bug, but it has published numerous supporting documents to help clean butterfly keyboards, something totally insufficient when you have a problem of this severity.

Consumers want with this lawsuit to seek financial compensation as well as public recognition from Apple that their butterfly keyboards have a design flaw that makes them break easily. The demand of these consumers is based on the fact that Apple allegedly already knew this before releasing the product, and that they also dared to launch the laptop with this type of keyboard.

The solution in the future would be to design a new keyboard with a keystroke similar to the one we have today but preventing dust or dirt from entering through the spaces between the keys. We’ll have to see if Apple thinks about it and the next generation of MacBook comes with this kind of keyboard design.

We’ll have to wait for a future conviction and see if Apple eventually recognizes this design flaw. If you want, you can consult the lawsuit that has been filed here. Leave your opinion in the comment box.

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