Apple exceeds Samsung in revenue in Q4 2019

We are at the end of January and that means that all companies have to account for the revenue they have had in the last quarter of 2019. We have already seen one Apple that has made history, but we must also take a look at the rest of the brands because it is inevitable to make the corresponding comparison.

Apple overtakes Samsung by the end of 2019

Samsung has long held the title of the largest smartphone manufacturer in the marketplace but this seems to be over. As reported in a recent report by Strategy Analytics , Apple would have overtaken Samsung in handset sales in the fourth quarter of 2019. The difference between the two manufacturers is minimal but it is certainly great news to celebrate on Apple’s part.

Apple exceeds Samsung in revenue in Q4 2019
Apple exceeds Samsung in revenue in Q4 2019

As stated in these data, Apple would have managed to gain a 19% market share by taking first place. The South Korean manufacturer is therefore in second place with a market share of 18%, which is the same as last year. The only one that has dropped significantly is Huawei, which now has a 15% market share. Overall, things are very different, with Samsung holding the top spot, but what has happened in the last quarter of 2019 is certainly striking.

Apple really doesn’t make things easy for these analyst companies, since it doesn’t offer sales data in millions of units but only provides the revenue data. This means that estimates have to be made, leading to some discrepancies between analysts, who do not all agree on the figures provided. But what can be clearly seen is that there is no difference between the sales of Samsung and Apple devices being already equal to the same level.

Just this week, we saw how revenue from the iPhone category increased compared to the same quarter last year. This has led to estimates that have sent 7% more iPhon and reaching the figure of almost 71 million units according to Strategy Analytics.

Apple aims high with Q4 2019

Besides the fact that the rapprochement between Apple and Samsung is more than evident in terms of revenue, it also shows the good work that Cupertino’s company has done. It is clear that the new generation of iPhone 11 has worked tremendously well after its launch, with the cheaper device being the star.

We must bear in mind that Samsung has both low-end, mid-end and high-end devices. In contrast, Apple can only play in the high-end devices giving much more merit to these figures. It is clear that Samsung would have it much easier by having a child of older users, monopolizing those who seek a premium device and also those who do not want to spend so much money. But the fact that both companies have equalized is an indication that Cupertino’s company is doing quite well.

We must remember that many doomsayers predicted that Apple would be completely finished by 2019. In the end, this has not been the case and Apple has shown that it can do wonderfully by showing historic economic results.

And you, what do you think of the rivalry between Samsung and Apple?

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