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Apple event invitations unveil new devices

Every year, Apple usually sends out invitations for its events with a theme inspired by its own presentation. Each of the invitations has a clear inspiration about what Apple presents at its events.

This year’s guest media received a slightly more original one, as Apple sent a different design to each of them. If we do a quick search on Twitter, we’ll see a great variety of invitations with personalized Apple logos.

Apple event invitations unveil new devices
Apple event invitations unveil new devices

This year’s invitation has a clear reference to the iPad and to what could be an improvement of the Apple Pencil second generation . The b about an event in October to introduce the new iPad has been in place for many months now. Looking at the invitations, there is practically no doubt about it.

If we look closely, the invitations have a handwritten text but a clear connotation of having been made on the screen of an iPad. The official digital pencils are currently the Apple Pencil and the Crayon by Logitech , recently launched and which we have been able to test in depth.

If we continue with the text and font of the invitations, it appears: “There’s more in the making” written to freehand on what could be an iPad and a Pencil. It’s quite remarkable that they wanted to give it that characteristic effect of writing on a digital screen, with the ends a bit softer.

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The Bitten Apple logo are custom logos with designs reminiscent of the presentation images of some specific applications for drawing with the Apple Pencil. This motif is also related to a new iPad, which will have all the ballots to be presented next October 30th.

We will probably see some renovations like the Mac mini or a new MacBook (successor of the MacBook Air), as well as a renovation of the AirPods, although the star product of this event will undoubtedly be the new iPad from Apple .

What do you think they could present in October?