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Apple Event for Tuesday, September 12


Well, guys, it’s official now. As you can see in the image, that’s the invitation to the press that Apple has sent . Apparently, everything points to the launch of the new service to sell movies on the Internet . and something else?

Apple Event for Tuesday, September 12
Apple Event for Tuesday, September 12

Let’s think: Is this really a specialized event of this kind, something appropriate for launching a computer? Maybe an iPod with some new feature, or a revision of the previous ones, yes, but… I don’t see a computer in an event like this. They have always been very specialized and have not gone off script with these things.

There are strong rumours of a new 23″ iMac, and if they put as an “excuse” that with the new screen it’s easier to watch movies, well… I’d believe it more. Personally though, I think it’s time for the iPod . The new video iPod? Not yet, impatient ! Aim for: a nano with more capacity and a revision of the 5G.

Although you know, with Apple, it’s hard to follow a script… And there is always the possibility of a magic ” One more thing… “… Let’s cross the widgets, digooo , the fingers…

UPDATE : I am sending you the complete invitation as it has been sent to the press. Thanks to Rafa Linares and Radioboy !


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