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Apple Enhances Quick View with Augmented Reality in Safari

Cupertino’s signature is improving its Augmented Reality (AR) Quick View feature, which is designed to allow users to view products they intend to purchase in real spaces from Safari .

According to TechCrunch, Apple updated the Quick Look feature in its browser so that retailers can add links and buttons to the Augmented Reality experience .

Apple Enhances Quick View with Augmented Reality in SafariApple Enhances Quick View with Augmented Reality in Safari

In this way, the idea is that users can try on a pair of glasses or measure the size of a piece of furniture in the space of the house, at the moment of making a purchase . By browsing sites such as Home Depot, Wayfair, Bang & Olufsen and 1-800-Flowers, customers will now see options to make purchases and learn more about a product while previewing it in AR mode.

Apple announced the availability of these features in June 2019, ensuring that it is a tool for developers and sales websites, and that it aims to provide a near-realistic shopping experience.

Apple introduced these new tools in iOS 13 and previewed them in WWDC, but retailers have just started to incorporate the new features. These links essentially streamline the shopping process, making it easy to add an item to a shopping cart, find a store near you, or chat with customer service.

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Later this year, Apple plans to further enhance Quick Look with a spatial audio feature, which is included in the iOS 13.4 beta. Spatial audio will allow shopping sites and other augmented reality sites within Safari to add audio to the experience .