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Apple encourages developers to customize subscriptions with a new video


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Apple encourages developers to customize subscriptions with a new video
Apple encourages developers to customize subscriptions with a new video


Compartir Apple alienta a los desarrolladores a adaptar las suscripciones con un nuevo vídeo



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Temas de interés In recent years, however, Apple has been increasingly focusing on subscriptions as a way to finance applications and services within its store. The latest developer-focused video is proof of this.

A new video posted on Apple’s developer page shows us how different developers of some of the most popular subscription apps on the App Store tell their experiences . In general, the advantages of using a subscription method versus a one-time payment.

You may more or less agree with the idea, but the subscription method is clearly being imposed by its benefits for both developers and users. In exchange, of course, for paying subscriptions instead of one-time payments. Something that doesn’t convince all users.

The advantages of subscriptions have been explained at length by Apple. However, it is curious to see how Apple matches these ideas in their video. Here’s what he has to say:

  • Continuous income, continuous development: With a one-time payment the developer receives most of the income just with the launch of the app. But apps have to be maintained and the developer keeps working on updates month after month, with hardly any income. So he is forced to release new paid versions of his apps every year. This no longer happens with subscriptions, since the developer has continuous income and can continue to offer an adequate experience to users.
  • Free trials made easy to implement: As we’ve also seen, the method of offering demos that Apple has implemented is one of the easiest and most confusing. As a subscription app that is free to download and offers a few free days before paying for the subscription, it’s practically a demo.
  • Pay only for what you use: Some applications we don’t need all the time, only on certain occasions or seasons. Proof of this are the apps we use at school or university, why pay for them in summer if we are not going to use them? With subscriptions you avoid precisely this, since you subscribe or unsubscribe whenever you want.

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