Apple enables app packages on the Mac App Store


Apple enabled the app packages for the Mac App Store yesterday, including the free but paid subscription apps. With this new measure, developers get something they’ve been asking for a long time for the Mac App Store and it’s matched to the iOS app store.

Apple enables app packages on the Mac App Store
Apple enables app packages on the Mac App Store

A package makes it easy to buy several apps from the same developer, with a special discount that makes them more attractive. The developer of iOS Infinity Blade , offers his trilogy of games at a cheaper price than if they are bought separately.

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These app packages also take into account whether a user already has one or more of these apps, deducting them from the final price. In the case of the subscription apps , it is also possible to create packages with them from now on. According to Apple’s rules, when a user pays for a subscription, it gives him or her access to all of them at once.

In total, developers will be able to put up to 10 different apps in each package

This new functionality for selling apps on the Mac App Store comes after a complete redesign of the store . Following the style and success of the iOS App Store, macOS Mojave brings editorial articles about featured apps.


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