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Apple dominates mobile web traffic with 46% of total

Today we bring you a new graph of those that we like so much to analyze. It is a pie chart of sectors in which we can see where the Internet traffic comes from when it is accessed from smartphones . The source, as on other occasions, is the consulting firm Chitika.

Right now, Apple would like to know that its iPhones are responsible for almost half of the web traffic (46%) generated from smartphones in the United States and Canada. This puts it almost thirty points ahead of Samsung, its main competitor, which takes 17% of the pie.

Apple dominates mobile web traffic with 46% of totalApple dominates mobile web traffic with 46% of total

The iPhone 5, on the other hand, is responsible for 3% of the total. Let’s think that it is a device that is not even a month old , and already exceeds in web traffic the all-powerful Samsung Galaxy SIII. It is curious to see how the rest of the models and brands barely add up to 37%, so it is quite clear who the two main players are right now in the world of smartphones.

Moreover, if we now look at the operating systems, the percentages are as follows. iOS is responsible for 49% of web traffic , including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Android accounts for only 48% of the total, despite having more than 50% of the smartphone market.

The conclusion here is logical: Apple continues to make the devices from which the Internet is most accessed . The same goes for its operating system. This speaks to the good work of its interfaces and the fluidity of surfing from Safari. And also, why not, about the profile of users who buy an Apple device: they tend to be more active on the Internet.

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