Apple doesn’t rule out a 13-inch iPad and a larger iPhone

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Apple seems to be considering extending the iOS family with more screen size options . Thus, according to sources in the Wall Street Journal at Cupertino’s company’s supply chain, in recent months the apple has requested screen prototypes of more than 4 inches for its smartphone and screen designs for a new tablet with just under 13 inches.

Today’s family of mobile devices on the block comes in three sizes: the 4-inch iPhone 5 and iPod touch, the 7.9-inch iPad mini and the 9.7-inch iPad. Three sizes, in my opinion, will still be there and will in any case be complemented by more options in the same way as their laptop and desktop range.

Apple doesn’t rule out a 13-inch iPad and a larger iPhone
Apple doesn’t rule out a 13-inch iPad and a larger iPhone

Of course, we can’t forget that Apple makes dozens, probably hundreds, of prototype devices that never see the light of day, so don’t count on the iPad rivaling MacBook screen sizes in the near future. We know, for example, that the company has had touch-screen labs and desktops for years, even before the launch of the iPad, but at one point they decided that touch surfaces were not comfortable to use vertically, and that’s where it got a lot worse.

Even so, we cannot forget the breaking point that iOS 7 will bring and the tools that Apple has put in the hands of developers so that they can redesign their interfaces to adapt to any screen size and orientation in an automatic (though totally controlled) way. I doubt it will happen this year, but if there is going to be an ideal time to increase the family it will be 2014, when the bulk of the apps have been updated and these new devices can shine more easily.

For after the summer what we do expect is the arrival of the rumoured mid-range iPhone (probably replacing the current 3.5-inch models), the replacement of the iPhone 5 keeping the same 4 inches but with more power and promising features such as fingerprint authentication on the screen itself, and new iPad and iPad mini with more incremental than radical improvements.


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