Apple Does Wireless Load Testing for iWatch

Wireless charging could be a great option for Apple’s iWatch

It’s not the first time we’ve heard about the possibility that Apple might be able to charge wirelessly on its future smart watch, but now a new report has come out from some Chinese media that has set off the alarm bells again. According to this report, the supplier Luxshare would have been in contact with the American company in order to offer several of its innovative technologies to use wireless charging in iWatch. It appears that Luxshare, a Shenzen-based company would have sent several charging coils to Apple’s factories for testing and experimentation. This makes us think that there is a good chance that this company will be the one to supply the wireless charging modules for iWatch if it has this feature.

We still know very little about Apple’s smartwatch and we don’t know if they will use this type of load, but we have to admit that would be a great point in their favor since it would increase their autonomy . At the moment, it is not known when the iWatch will be official, but according to the last report published its launch could take place at the end of the year if production times are met.

Other reports also cover wireless charging on iWatch

Apple Does Wireless Load Testing for iWatch
Apple Does Wireless Load Testing for iWatch

Last December another report came out saying that Apple could include wireless charging technology in its future iWatch, which would allow it to charge from up to one meter away from the charger . On other occasions, there have been discussions about the company’s possible problems with the iWatch battery , which would have a battery life of no more than 1 or 2 days, although the company is trying to find a way to extend this life to 4 or 5 days. If we add wireless charging to this, it would be a way to reduce those frequent charges, although we still don’t know how they could include this technology.

The iWatch will have biometric sensors there will be two models: one for men and one for women

According to the rumours about the iWatch, this smartwatch will have different biometric sensors that would record different health-related data such as heart rate, sleep quality, calories spent, etc. The data recorded by these sensors will be stored in HealthBook, a new application to be launched with iOS 8, thanks to the integration with the iPhone and iPad . This integration would also allow you to receive notifications, warnings or access your mail, among other things, through the smartwatch without having to touch our iDevice. Finally, from MacRumors comment that could come with two different sizes , one of these models would be for men and the other would be for women. In addition, last week a report commented that the design would be very similar to Motorola’s smartwatch Moto 360 , with a spherical screen.

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