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Apple Does Not Want Supply Issues with iPhone 6s

After the initial supply problems it has suffered with the first reserves of the iPhone 6 and the Watch, the American company does not want any surprises with the supply of the future smartphone. According to new reports, Apple does not want to take risks with the iPhone 6s and would take the necessary measures to do so .

Day after day we are seeing new rumours and leaks about the iPhone 6s , which is being promoted as the next generation of the Apple smartphone. Not long ago we told you that it could count on an improved Retina screen, although at the moment there is nothing confirmed.

Apple Does Not Want Supply Issues with iPhone 6s
Apple Does Not Want Supply Issues with iPhone 6s

According to Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves, Apple has increased its order volume for the next generation of the iPhone in order to avoid customers having to wait longer than necessary. Thus, customers would not be disappointed and the company’s share price would not be affected.

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Apple would have increased the production volume of the iPhone 6s

Hargreaves says that Apple is anticipating a huge demand for the next generation of its smartphone . As a result, the volume of orders for iPhone 6s components has increased, although the analyst has not released any figures.

It has to be said that Apple’s increase in the volume of orders for the iPhone 6s makes a lot of sense when you consider how well sales of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus continue to go, not to mention the fact that it took several months for supply and demand to match. Tim Cook himself admitted in October 2014 during the presentation of the quarter’s financial results that “it’s very difficult to measure demand without first finding the balance”.

Considering that the number of users that usually update biannually when Apple releases the “s” models is lower , the Pacific Crest analyst’s report has a little more credibility on the idea that the iPhone 6s will have more units at the time of its launch.

Possible features we might see on the iPhone 6s

From CultofMac they also refer to some of the features that could accompany the iPhone 6s that would be launched next September. Hargreaves says in his report that the iPhone 6s would have an important improvement in the processor, which would be the new Apple A9 chip .

On the other hand, the iPhone 6s would have a higher quality camera, sapphire screen with Force Touch technology and enhanced Touch ID . In addition, previous rumours have it that the iPhone 6s’ rear case will be more resistant and will also be available in pink.

For now this information is just unconfirmed rumors and it is not known if Apple has really decided to increase the production volume of the future iPhone 6s or not . We will have to wait for the moment of its launch to see if they finally manage to cover all the initial demand for the smartphone from the beginning.

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