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Apple dice addio ai cavi

Apple has decided that the time has come to reduce the cables to a minimum on its computers and has introduced the new MacBook , a notebook that has a unique connector for plugging in any type of peripheral (with the permission of the headphones that do have their dedicated port). This may be the most remarkable new feature, but it is certainly not the only one included in the kit.

The return of the MacBook to Apple’s product portfolio marks the return of a powerful brand to the company and the return of three different ranges of notebook computers. The new device is presented as a computer perfect for those seeking maximum mobility and who can sacrifice a little power in favour of lightness, autonomy and size . The device is what most laptops will be in a few years, or maybe months, from now.

Apple dice addio ai cavi
Apple dice addio ai cavi

In the past, we saw how Apple was the first brand to remove floppy drives from their computers. Relatively recently it did so with optical drives (CD/DVD). In both cases the company was heavily criticized for the decision, but time proved them right and all manufacturers have followed suit. Now they are repeating with something as annoying to many as cables… Will they be right again? Is there such a need for simplification? Time will give us the answers.

New MacBook features and innovations

The list of new features of the Apple ultralight is quite large and certainly a huge change of concept.

The computer mounts a 12-inch Retina display with a resolution of 2304×1440 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:10. The pixel density is 226 per inch, for a total of three million pixels. That gives the MacBook display a crisp, vibrant picture quality you’ll love right away.

If we keep going over the parts that you see, we find two components that have also received a big change: the keyboard and the trackpad . The keyboard has been what has defined the width of the laptop and Apple has worked a lot on it to make it, in his words, better than the ones we knew until now. The keys are closer together and reach practically from one end of the computer to the other. In addition, they have changed their internal mechanism and now the keystroke reduces its travel to a minimum. The trackpad has been given a new feature that it inherits directly from the Apple Watch: Force Touch. This technology makes the pointing device capable of detecting pulses of varying intensity and responding to them in one way or another. In addition, the surface is now able to recognize the click anywhere and not just on the bottom as was the case with the models we have seen so far.

During the MacBook presentation, Apple made sure to show off the inside of the computer, and it’s no wonder. The company has created a really small motherboard that includes all the components and practically the whole interior of the notebook is occupied by a high capacity battery . Apple claims that it is the smallest motherboard they have ever created for a computer and that they have had to make a huge effort in miniaturization to achieve such a light and compact computer. In addition, they have also ensured that it generates as little heat as possible and have been able to remove the mechanical fans, thus providing completely passive and silent cooling .

The new design and the experience they have gained from working with aluminium has also made this the first MacBook made entirely of aluminium . The screen’s hinges are made of this material, and the plastic part on the back is not the same as on the current MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Configurations and pricing of the new MacBook

The new MacBooks have a maximum thickness of 1.3 cm , a weight of 900 grams and are available in two different configurations:

  • 1.1 GHz Intel Core M dual-core processor, 8 GB of RAM, Intel HD Graphics 5300 and 256 GB of flash storage for 1,449
  • 1.2 GHz Intel Core M dual-core processor, 8 GB of RAM, Intel HD Graphics 5300 and 512 GB of flash storage for 1,799

Both configurations are available in the same three colours as the iPhone and iPad, i.e. space grey, silver and gold . In addition, both have the following features: 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, 480p FaceTime camera, stereo speakers, dual microphone, headphone jack, 9 hours of web browsing time and up to 10 hours of movie playback time.

A laptop concept for a very specific audience

After reviewing all the features of the new MacBook, you’ve probably seen that it’s a new notebook concept . It’s clear that it’s aimed at a very specific audience; people who are primarily looking for mobility and who can do without certain possibilities offered by other computers.

The new MacBook will work with the familiar MacBook Air and MacBook Pro for a while, so if you’re looking for a powerful notebook or computer to connect to a permanent external display, this new computer isn’t for you . Instead, if you’re looking for maximum mobility and wireless connectivity, this new computer could be an excellent choice.

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