Apple Developer’, the new application where developers will be informed

Without anyone expecting it, Apple has called the press to a special event on December 2nd in New York City very focused on applications as we could see in the invitation they designed. The protagonists of this event are the developers of applications and games where their incredible work will be recognized. From Apple they also want to support them with a new application so they can be aware of all the news related to their profession that they have called “Apple Developer” and that replaces the old app “WWDC”.

Until now, in the App Store we could find the application ‘WWDC’, very focused on the event that is held annually to present the new operating systems of the company. This application only received one update per year and the rest of the months were totally forgotten so the developers did not have any app to consult the company news related to their profession.

Apple Developer’, the new application where developers will be informed
Apple Developer’, the new application where developers will be informed

That’s why Apple has decided to update the “WWDC” app by changing its name to “Apple Developer”. In this app the company promises to give detailed information from Apple’s experts throughout the year with news, videos… Here too all the content from the developer conferences will be grouped together as so far in the WWDC app.

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As an extra, the developers will be able to manage their subscription through this application, being able to renew the membership annually in a simple way. Right now this feature is limited to US developers , but when extended to other countries it will make it easier for people developing on iOS or other Apple operating systems to maintain their subscription without having to remember to renew it.

We believe that this is a logical step to give developers a space to inform themselves every year and not only at the developers’ conference. If you really want to encourage more and more people to take an interest in your operating systems, especially with the arrival of Apple Arcade, you must treat these people who bring your operating system to life in an exquisite manner.

We should be looking forward to next December 2nd when Apple gives out the awards for best apps and games of the year as they may have a surprise in store for all of us.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this renewed application for developers.

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