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Apple Denounced for “Gay Propaganda” by U2 Album

Last September, Apple gave away U2’s “Songs of Innocence” album to its more than 500 million iTunes users. But what I’m sure neither Apple nor anyone else expected is that Russian politician Alexander Starovoitov would denounce the company months later for spreading what he calls “gay propaganda” over the cover of U2’s latest work.

The Russian politician demands an investigation of the U2 album that Apple gave away to iTunes customers a few months ago . The reasons he gives are that Apple “has spamed young people with illegal content” and has distributed “homosexual propaganda” to minors.

Apple Denounced for “Gay Propaganda” by U2 Album
Apple Denounced for “Gay Propaganda” by U2 Album

Apple’s gift has not been free of criticism since the very first moment , but not for this reason but because after they announced that they would be giving away the latest U2 album to more than 500 million iTunes users it was automatically downloaded to the devices without users’ permission. However, this problem now seems to be a trifle compared to this Russian politician’s denunciation of Apple.

Politician accuses Apple of distributing “gay propaganda” with U2’s album

On what does the Russian politician Starovoitov base these serious accusations against Apple? Nothing more or less than in the cover of the U2 album, which shows the drummer of the group Larry Mullen Jr. hugging his 18-year-old son Elvis , who appears shirtless.

The group U2 led by Bono says that this image taken by photographer Glen Luchford is a visual metaphor for the album and its theme “Songs of Innocence” , showing “how holding on to your own innocence is much harder than holding on to someone else” . However, Starovoitov does not agree and believes that the cover of the U2 album that Apple gave away promotes sex between men and is preparing a complaint against the American company.

According to the Russian newspaper Izvestia, Alexander Starovoitov, a member of the conservative Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia, is already preparing a complaint against Apple for giving away this U2 album whose cover he considers “gay propaganda” . In this way, he hopes Apple will compensate him financially for the moral damage they have caused to his own son.

Apple would have to pay a fine of £15,000 if found guilty

We must admit that it seems very unlikely that Apple will be found guilty in this accusation, since if we look back we see how the U2 album did not reach the iTunes libraries of users with that cover , which was only added in the physical format of the album. But if the opposite happens and Apple is convicted for distributing gay propaganda to young people, the company may be forced to cease operations in Russia for 90 days or pay a fine of up to 1 million rubles (about 15,000 euros) , according to The Guardian.

Finally, they recall that after Tim Cook publicly acknowledged his homosexuality, in November 2014 a St. Petersburg university removed a monument to Steve Jobs and Apple from its campus . A move that was seen as a direct response to Apple’s CEO.

And you, do you think the Russian politician will go ahead with this complaint against Apple?

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