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Apple denies any abandonment of iTunes

iTunes has been a strong pillar in Apple’s structure, as it was a major innovation in the world of digital music. During these last days some news appeared about the future of iTunes, where it was rumored the end of the platform and downloads to focus on the streaming system of Apple Music. After these rumors, Cupertino’s company began to receive criticism from the Apple community.

It is worth noting that iTunes is a music platform that has benefited multiple companies economically , since it has given rise to a new world for business and was a key factor in curbing piracy with the arrival of digital technology.

Importance of iTunes

Apple denies any abandonment of iTunes
Apple denies any abandonment of iTunes

Finally the directive of the American company has made a statement denying the total or partial abandonment of the platform in a long period of time.

One of the people in charge of denying the rumor has been the spokesman Tom Neumayr who assured that the Apple music service still has a lot of life ahead of it.

During these last months the company has experienced falls in the platform of around 30% , as a result of the great investment made by the competition in this sector and the lack of innovation in Apple’s service.

Although there have been considerable losses in this service, iTunes continues to be a fundamental part of the American company , as it is still committed to multiple businesses related to advertising campaigns and continues to be a key point for many companies in the music and art sector.

Future of the Platform

The iTunes platform generates the company around 800 million dollars in annual downloads . Despite the progressive decline, it is estimated that in 2019 the company will make a profit of 650 million dollars, a more than positive amount for the company.

If we look at previous years we will find a music service in full swing where the number of downloads amounted to an exorbitant amount worldwide.

Currently the numbers are still good for iTunes , but the constant evolution of digital services such as streaming means that the numbers are decreasing considerably despite the importance of the platform. On the other hand, Apple’s meeting with podcasters has been crucial to mark the near future of these services.