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Apple delays its regulations to protect children’s apps

Late last spring we saw Apple announce that it was going to limit the tracking of user data in children’s applications for iOS, with the intention of preventing the privacy of younger people from being compromised. This was welcomed by the general public and fits in with Apple’s pro-privacy initiatives, but seems to have caused controversy among the developers of these children’s applications.

That’s why Cupertino has decided to delay the implementation of the new regulation , according to the Washington Post. The changes were going to be applied on September 3rd, but now that date is unknown and depends on possible changes that Apple can make to satisfy the developers.

Apple delays its regulations to protect children’s apps
Apple delays its regulations to protect children’s apps

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The source gives the example of developers like WildWorks, who see how the main source of revenue from children’s games like ‘Tag With Ryan’ (analytics and ads) can evaporate with the new rules. Clark Stacey, one of the company’s top executives, further argues that they have moderators and child psychologists to ensure that children are not at risk when using their games.

Phil Schiller, head of the App Store, said he tried to talk to several developers about the issue but in the end it proved too difficult to agree. Also, continues to argue that Apple ” is doing the right thing and that he knows that after having collected data from the applications for a while.

The alternative to monetizing with advertising is to price the applications or seek some kind of sponsorship, which can be very difficult. What will come next will be intense negotiations to try to find a balance between advertising funding and protecting minors when using games from the App Store.