Apple defends Obama’s environmental policy and opposes Trump’s repeal

It is well known that Apple is very involved in environmental issues , one of the distinctive brands of Cupertino, which makes it a leading brand in technology but also for its social commitment and the territory where we live. It should also be recognised that those of the Bite Apple have opposed many of the political decisions of the highly controversial president of the United States, Donald Trump . For this reason, recently Apple has defended the environmental policy carried out by Obama and has strongly opposed the repeal of this policy by Trump.

Apple stands up for the environment and Obama’s policies in the face of Trump’s repeal

Apple has stated that they will honor the commitment they made under the Obama administration to combat climate change , regardless of President Trump’s actions to dismantle the environmental policies of his predecessor. In April 2016, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft filed an amicus brief in support of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Energy Plan l, which aimed to reduce pollution from power generators, despite the retreat of energy companies. Earlier this week, Trump signed an order telling the EPA to rescind the Clean Energy Plan and reconsider all Obama-era climate rules.

Cupertino’s people are taking a fearless stand against the political excesses of the Trump administration

Apple defends Obama’s environmental policy and opposes Trump’s repeal
Apple defends Obama’s environmental policy and opposes Trump’s repeal

In response to Trump’s order, Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft issued a joint statement noting their absolute determination to reduce energy costs and address the risks posed by climate change to future business growth. According to they stated “We believe that clean energy and climate policies, such as the Clean Energy Plan , can make renewable energy supplies more robust and address the serious threat of climate change , as well as support competitiveness, innovation and job growth in the United States. Declaration they issued jointly after the Trump order repealing those measures in defense of the environment.

What do you think about Apple’s blunt position in the face of Trump’s excesses? Your opinion is important to us.

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