Apple Damage Assessment and Apple Watch Warranty

A key issue in the warranty of all products is the type of damage covered by the warranty , which usually varies between brands and, above all, between different products . It is clear to all of us that a watch and a mobile phone can suffer different kinds of damage when used for different tasks and in a way that does not necessarily have to look the same.

Today, as we have already reported throughout these days in Applesupportphonenumber, the Apple Watch is being released in several countries around the world. If you have not been able to wait for it to be released in Spain to purchase it, you may be interested to know now the damages that Apple is willing to cover through the Apple Watch guarantee and the way in which Cupertino’s company will have to determine if those damages are the user’s responsibility or on the contrary, theirs .

Apple Damage Assessment and Apple Watch Warranty
Apple Damage Assessment and Apple Watch Warranty

The standard warranty, as with all Apple products, will cover the Apple Watch, for one year in repair of hardware , as well as 90 days of free telephone or online support , with an extension to two years if the version of the Apple Watch we have purchased is the Edition. If you are a user of AppleCare + , you will also be covered for up to two incidental damages to your device .

When we take our device to an Apple Store, the damage will be assessed as follows :

Problems covered by the generic warranty

  • Remains or fragments under the screen glass or pixel anomalies.
  • Repairs to the back when there is evidence of misuse or incorrect use of the watch.
  • Existence of moisture in the heart rate sensor.

Issues covered by AppleCare +

  • Cracked or missing crown.
  • Abrasion, punctures or damage to buttons
  • Internal cracks in the glass or watch screen.
  • Back of the watch with evidence of damage or signs of tampering.
  • Evidence of attempted openings.
  • Missing or lost links between watch and strap.
  • Cracks in the back cover.

Problems not covered by any warranty service

  • Apple Watch completely disassembled without all its parts.
  • Catastrophic damage such as missing parts or a totally destroyed clock.
  • Apple Watch with third-party parts or modifications not authorized by Apple.

In conclusion, and with the exception of the Apple Watch Edition, which for reasons of price and to give a distinguished treatment to the customer who buys it, has an additional warranty extension , the Apple Watch is covered in a similar way to other devices such as the iPhone and iPad , protection that in the case of Apple, is excellent compared to the technical services of other companies.

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