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Apple creates a campus for female entrepreneurs

Apple, led by its CEO Tim Cook, is one of the great companies in terms of defending values such as equality. Recently we have learned that the company is trying to promote that feminist value that characterizes them by creating a campus in which the protagonists will be women. And although we will have to wait until next year for the celebration of the event, those who are interested can already register.

As it could not be otherwise, Apple supports the causes of feminism but also wants to make a iron defence of it by putting into practice a series of actions in which women have a relevant role.

Apple creates a campus for female entrepreneurs
Apple creates a campus for female entrepreneurs

The latest feminist initiative that we know of from Apple also aims to set the trend for other companies in the sector. This initiative, as announced by the company, consists of the creation of a new Entrepreneurship Camp that will be focused on creating new business opportunities for those companies that are dedicated to the development of applications, which have been developed or directed by women.

The campus celebration will take place in Apple Park

Apple’s camp is already in the process of preparing to start in January 2019 . It will not be held in a single event but will be held on a quarterly basis . The first of these will accept up to 10 companies that meet the requirement of being dedicated to the development of applications and that incorporate a woman as the protagonist of said development. It is expected that up to 20 enterprises can be brought together in the next camps to be held .

Companies that have been accepted into the program will have the opportunity to travel to Apple Park in Cupertino, where the campus will be held for two weeks . There, companies will be able to send three attendees who will participate in Apple’s code development assistance programs as well as enjoy sessions on marketing, design, technology and App Store support. In addition, each company will receive two tickets to attend next year’s WWDC and will have one year free in the Apple Developer Program.

Interested companies can register by clicking here.

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What do you think of this initiative by Apple to encourage women to take up managerial and creative work? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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