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Apple could take out two iOS, one open and one closed

An alternative version of iOS. Open to the entire user with the possibility of installing all types of applications and not going through the App Store. This is exactly what Pod2g suggests that Apple could soon present. Maybe with a couple of logical reasonings we will quickly get rid of that possibility. The idea is not bad, but it obviously doesn’t fit with Apple’s philosophy.

A few days before WWDC, Pod2g, a big fish in the world of Jailbreak , tells us about a possibility that, although we consider it crazy, opens our mind to a new concept from Apple. Specifically, the famous hacker , tells us that Apple could release two versions of its operating system for mobile devices.

Apple could take out two iOS, one open and one closedApple could take out two iOS, one open and one closed

Everything comes from a tweet published by Pod2g, where it says that Apple would be thinking of releasing a secure version of the operating system, like the one we know so far and another one totally open to run unsigned code , that is, tweaks and programs not hosted in the App Store.

This may come from Tim Cook’s comments that they are considering opening a little more iOS. But I don’t think this is what Tim was talking about . Despite those positive comments, which make us look forward to Apple’s presentation next week, I doubt very much that this will mean creating two versions of iOS.

The App Store is the biggest business that has been made with the software perhaps since it exists. The profits being generated by the sale of applications are a record. That’s why it’s unthinkable for Apple to open its operating system so much that you don’t have to go through the App Store .

This would lead to an increase in piracy that is so low in iOS today thanks to the App Store. Not only that. Apple continuously fights against jailbreak . That leads us to a logical conclusion that Apple is planning to release a version of its operating system where it does not enjoy a thorough control.

Apple’s philosophy is different. It’s a completely different way of doing things than other competitors, but it works from the iPod and iTunes. If something like this happened, we could say that Jobs has completely left Apple .

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