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Apple could take down the Xbox if they wanted to, according to its own founder

Nat Brown, founder of Xbox, comes on stage to extol Apple’s great ability with its Apple TV to make war on the video game industry. Giving another focus to that great product as the Apple TV could eat the ground to big industry as Sony or Microsoft. Apple can do a lot of damage and the founder of Xbox himself knows it.

Apple, to this day, still watches its Apple TV as a hobby. But despite this vision, companies are afraid of its potential . Intel is interested in this market. Samsung is at the foot of the barrel feeding its range of Smart TV content. And on the horizon is Sony and Microsoft where their next generation of consoles will be much more than that – they will be true multimedia centres.

Apple could take down the Xbox if they wanted to, according to its own founderApple could take down the Xbox if they wanted to, according to its own founder

Currently, Apple only dedicates the potential of its Apple TV, in large part, to streaming music and video to your TV. It’s only now that Nat Brown – founder of Xbox – recognizes the great potential that Apple TV can have. He says that if he wanted to, Apple could destroy Xbox, PlayStation, Wii and Wii U .

In one of his last blog posts, Brown cited many of the problems that Xbox has. He talks about the lousy Xbox user interface and the little interest Microsoft has had with independent developers. Here, Apple plays in favor. It has been able to bring these independent developers to its terrain and has given them the possibility to make money despite not having the power of the big development studios . With Apple, having a Mac and $100 a year gives you the ability to develop for them. This, for Brown, is a dangerous weapon that Apple can take advantage of.

Apple could take advantage and become a gaming platform by following two paths:

  • The first one would be the one that’s following so far. Broadcast the game from iPad or iPhone to TV via AirPlay and add more advanced features.
  • Another way would be to upgrade your Apple TV hardware. This would raise the cost of the product, but it might be worth it, according to Brown.

Microsoft -except for Kinect- has not brought anything new for a long time. Microsoft’s idea was to create around Xbox a real multimedia center . Impressive hardware and a varied software were their weapons. But these have decided to go for old glories all the time. Microsoft lacks exclusive content for its platform and gives massive support to independent developers. This change would mean giving Xbox a boost and that its platform would not decline in the long run

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