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Apple could take $200 billion to the United States

Rodrigo Amorim

almost $270 billion . But all that money is not in a single account, but is spread over all the countries where it has been deposited. And bringing it into the United States meant paying too much money in fees.

Apple could take $200 billion to the United States
Apple could take $200 billion to the United States

But as my colleague Eduardo Archanco explained very recently, President Donald Trump has approved the popularly named Tax Holiday with which those rates are significantly reduced. This way, Apple and other great technologies can amass the money they have earned around the world and bring it to the United States. How much? Well, the first predictions indicate that in Apple’s case we would be talking about 200 billion dollars .

These are GBH’s estimates, knowing that 252 billion of that $270 billion is outside the United States. This is a lot of money that could facilitate a lot of things like the acquisition of companies (hence the rumours of the purchase of Netflix) or an increase in dividends to shareholders. And when there were rumours of the purchase of Disney, there was talk of a disbursement of 237 billion dollars, without going any further.

Anyway, that $200 billion is an estimate for the time being. It’s clear that Apple is going to take advantage of that Tax Holiday somehow, but we don’t know if it’s going to do it at that high level.

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