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Apple could surprise us with Augmented Reality glasses this 2017

Augmented reality is a trend that promises to take hold in the next few years and Apple is preparing not to be left behind. However, and in the absence of a tangible proposal, many rumors have grown about the exact route the company is taking in this direction.

A report in November stated that Apple was considering entering the market for digital glasses, like Snapchat recently. Now, Robert Scoble, a popular blogger, claims that Apple is working with German optical company Carl Zeiss on its digital lenses.

Apple could surprise us with Augmented Reality glasses this 2017
Apple could surprise us with Augmented Reality glasses this 2017

Exactly, renowned technology blogger Robert Scoble quotes an unidentified Zeiss employee as his source, noting that the two companies are working on a “lightweight pair of augmented reality and mixed reality glasses.

Zeiss currently markets the VR One Plus , a headset with special optics that turns almost any smartphone into a virtual or augmented reality system. Similar products are available from Samsung and Google.

Scoble has apparently heard two different things from different sources, most recently hearing that the glasses might be available this year. Originally, he thought that the glasses were destined for 2018, a date corroborated by Bloomberg.

About the operation of the future glasses, it is said that they connect wirelessly to the iPhone and display images and other information in the user’s field of vision.

A separate report in November stated that Apple is working to integrate augmented reality into the iPhone camera application. This functionality would allow users to point the iPhone’s camera at real-world objects so that they can recognize themselves.

Tim Cook has expressed his interest in augmented reality, often promoting the capabilities of the technology and even suggesting that it has more real-world potential than virtual reality. With Cook’s praise of the technology, it is not surprising that Apple is moving forward with plans for it at such a rapid pace.

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