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Apple Could Sell 10 Million iPhone 5se in 2016

According to some reports, iPhone sales may be starting to decline, but Apple may experience a new boost from the iPhone 5se. An analyst recently commented that the US company could sell 10 million iPhones 5se during 2016 .

If the rumours are true the iPhone 5se with 4-inch screen will be presented in mid-March together with the iPad Air 3 at a special event . And just a few days later, on Friday the 18th, it will be on sale in the first countries.

Apple Could Sell 10 Million iPhone 5se in 2016
Apple Could Sell 10 Million iPhone 5se in 2016

Amit Daryanani, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets, believes that the iPhone 5 will be very well received by users and will sell around 10 million units. This would add an extra 23 cents per share to Apple’s earnings.

In a report sent to investors, Daryanani says he hopes a smaller iPhone may be able to cannibalize sales of other iPhone models with larger screens . However, according to the analyst, it could still add a significant number to the total number of iPhones sold by Apple.

Daryanani believes that the iPhone 5 would have a number of potential users who are currently using models such as the iPhone 5c or 5s. He also believes that will be a big seller in emerging markets such as India , where Apple just happened to stop selling some of its older models.

Finally, from CultofMac they comment that according to reports, the iPhone 5 would have a 4-inch screen, A8 or A9 processor, Touch ID, NFC for using Apple Pay and an aluminum back cover. For now, these are just rumors and musings from an analyst, so we’ll have to wait and see if Apple finally launches the iPhone 5se next month and how well it is received by users.

And you, would you buy the iPhone 5se or would you prefer a model with a larger screen?