Apple could redesign the Retina display with IGZO technology

As you all know, the iPad 3 brought with it the “resolutionary” Retina screen, with an amazing resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. Due to the huge amount of pixels that have to fill the 9.7 inches, the required backlight is much stronger, which aggravates the battery and even adds a little thickness to the device.

A new report quotes a display expert who says Cupertino’s people are working on improved Retina technology for a third generation iPad upgrade. The new display is thought to be thinner and consume less power , which would allow the new model’s current units to be replaced with ones with better battery life and a reduced need for heat dissipation.

Apple could redesign the Retina display with IGZO technology
Apple could redesign the Retina display with IGZO technology

Richard Shim , an analyst with the research firm NPD DisplaySearch , thinks, based on his supply chain sources, that Apple could use GZO panels to reduce screen thickness and heat generation .

DisplaySearch wrote in a press release last week:

According to the analyst, Samsung could be one of the likely manufacturers, despite the fact that Apple has reduced orders for iPhone 5 components to Koreans, as we have already seen. Moreover, this clashes with a report by DigiTimes that we saw in the summer, which said that the review of the iPad panels could be conducted by Japanese company Sharp. In addition, the apple’s favourite manufacturer, Foxconn, has recently acquired one of Sharp’s plants that produces the IGZO panels, in a clear attempt to “take a hit” from Samsung. However, Samsung remains today the main supplier of Retina displays for the third generation tablet.

If this rumor is true, it would mean that Apple would recognize and accept, as it did with the famous Antenagate case on the iPhone, that the performance of the iPad Retina may not be up to its high standards . However, in Steve Jobs’ 12 rules, we saw that there was that of recognizing errors, so the company should have no problem in recognizing that the interior design of the new model can be improved.

The research firm estimates that Apple could make about 7 million Retina iPads with the new technology.

This report coincides with one released by Horwitz Jeremy , editor of iLounge , where he wrote that the improved iPad 3 could be released by the end of the year, including small improvements in its internal workings and changing the dock connector to the smaller version that you suppose the iPhone 5 will carry.

Call it the fourth generation iPad or simply a new version of the current one, but this would be the first time Apple would skip the annual cycle of updates of its mobile devices to update an iOS device with better technology.

The truth is that, even if it is the first time that the renewal cycle is skipped, we would not be surprised if Apple carried it out . Just look at the TV ads for the iPad, iPhone, and even the new MacBook Pro, they all focus on one thing, the Retina display.


For those of you with an iPad 3, are you satisfied with the performance of the Retina display? How would you like Apple to release an upgraded version just a few months after the new one is released? Actually, if I had bought the iPad 3 and they didn’t release an upgraded version at all, I wouldn’t be happy.

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