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Apple could owe you money and you only have until Saturday the 24th to claim

Thanks to the alliances between large companies in their respective sectors, we consumers enjoy many privileges if we know how to take advantage of these opportunities . To give a simple example, one of these would be to buy e-books or eBooks at Amazon so we can read them on our iPhone or iPad outside of our homes, without having to physically carry the book, this is due to the Amazon Kindle.

If you are one of those users who make use of these types of functions that these two companies allow us to do, we have very good news for you, because due to an agreement between the company of the bitten apple and the government authorities, you could have a credit on your Amazon account right now . This money is generated by the result of reimbursing 400 million US dollars, which is Apple’s debt to the consumers of these e-books.

Apple could owe you money and you only have until Saturday the 24th to claim
Apple could owe you money and you only have until Saturday the 24th to claim

This resulted from an agreement that benefited Tim Cook’s company in every possible way, approved by a federal court and by high officials of their corresponding departments of justice, the publishers were forced to raise their prices in a brutal way in order to compete with companies like Amazon.

Those lucky enough to have received this extra credit must spend it before 11:59 pm in Hawaii, which is 11.59 am the next day, Sunday 25th of this month, next Saturday for the Spanish . To be one of these candidates you must have bought e-books for your Kindle and Nook, but also between two specific dates: April 1, 2010 and May 21, 2012.

How do we know if we’re one of the many people Apple owes money to? Very simply, we identify ourselves on Amazon with our account and we will see a phrase that says “your settlement credit” accompanied by the money the company owes us . If you qualify for the money from the California brand and you don’t have it, don’t worry, you may have spent it unconsciously before.

Who doesn’t like to be on the beach now in the summer, sunbathing while reading our favorite book on our iPhone or iPad? This is one of the best features that iOS has implemented in collaboration with other companies. Enjoy the new iPad Pro, the most powerful yet, which is likely to replace MacBook.

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