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Apple could obey Trump and establish a plant in the USA


It seems that Trump’s words a few months ago urging Apple to stop being designed in California but manufactured in China have had an effect. According to analyst Terry Gou, Apple is seriously considering investing in a factory on American soil , which would provide 30,000 to 50,000 workers.

Apple could obey Trump and establish a plant in the USA
Apple could obey Trump and establish a plant in the USA

Although the manufacture of electronic components – and the basic industry in general – is traditionally more expensive if it is manufactured in the first world, mainly due to the value of the currency, higher operational and production costs – and of course, that the workers have higher wages and rights regulations that the company must guarantee – , Gou believes that the growing demand for larger screens is making the manufacture of electronic parts in the United States begin to be a better option than importing from China.

According to Gou:

Harsh statements, because the reputation of Chinese products is not exactly one of quality.

But Apple would not embark on this venture alone, since its manufacturing partner Foxconn would probably also follow its biggest customer in this adventure by setting up a manufacturing facility in North America , probably Pennsylvania. It is even said that talks have already been held with the state government.

The decision to increase the weight of U.S. manufacturing on Apple products, if realized, came from none other than the most powerful man on the planet, the new president Donald Trump. Trump promised during his electoral campaign that he would increase employment and his hand has not shaken when it comes to putting pressure on the main American companies that have globalized their production. Even the technology company Smart Technologies, currently working in Canada, could be relocated to the United States.

Obviously the CEOs of the companies are mainly moved by costs and if they decide to follow Trump’s words it will be because the president of the United States offers them concessions of land, energy sources and a series of circumstances that tip the balance . The new American protectionist policy also promises a generous tax cut to make it more propitious.

If Trump manages to relocate Apple to the United States, it will be a definite boost to his Make America great again .


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