Apple could launch a cheap Apple TV in 2019

Both Amazon and Google and other companies offer low-cost solutions to make our conventional TV smart, except Apple . The reason is simple, each of them offers content that impacts their coffers on a monthly basis with subscriptions.

Apple launched the fourth-generation Apple TV for a less attractive price and a higher volume than its competitors. Although we don’t have sales data, anyone who has an Apple TV at home will notice that it’s an aimless device and that we can practically do the same (or even more) with another competitor’s product for a lower price.

Apple could launch a cheap Apple TV in 2019
Apple could launch a cheap Apple TV in 2019

According to The Information, Californians could be working on a solution that would increase sales of the multimedia center in “sticker” format that would coincide with the launch of their particular Netflix. This would make a lot of sense , subscription services are a growing solvent power, so a greater number of sales of devices of this type, could increase subscribers to consume all the content offered from Apple

The Fire TV Stick from Amazon or the Chromecast from Google use a similar pattern, a low-priced device that allows you to consume your own content. It is preferable to “sacrifice” economic margins of physical devices but loyalty to new customers with subscriptions.

If The Information is creditworthy, Apple may plan to launch this new device in 2019 . Surely the price will not be very competitive with the competition, but it would offer a lower price compared to the current Apple TV.

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Another novelty is the way it could be connected to our television, it would no longer be necessary to use a power cable, it would simply be connected to the HDMI port and from there it would collect enough power to display our contents.

Apple is making a large investment in its own content and must recoup the investment with new customers who are willing to pay a monthly subscription in exchange for quality content and an attractive price on a device that is capable of playing the contracted content.

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