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Apple could kill him before 2019

Qué significa una canción de color gris en iTunes o Apple Music y cómo solucionarlo

You may not know what it is. In fact, I barely remembered it by that name myself. The iTunes LP format , born in September 2009, was born to provide extra interactive content for iTunes digital albums. In this way Apple gave a little more sense to the purchase of the digital version over the physical one.

Apple could kill him before 2019Apple could kill him before 2019

Now, almost nine years later, there are rumors that Apple might end the format before the end of this year. Only 400 albums have included it in all this time, making it clear that very few artists and record companies have bet on it. And in a world where streaming is in vogue, something like iTunes LP no longer makes sense.

Another reason iTunes LP hasn’t been successful is that the format has never been optimized for iOS devices , which are currently the most successful devices over Macs. Apple Music has kept some of its features, such as reading the lyrics of each song.

As a result, Apple will stop supporting content in the iTunes LP format as of April 1st and will gradually disable it from all other albums throughout the year. However, you can still download content through iTunes Match if you subscribe to the service.

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