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Apple could introduce a triple-camera iPhone in 2019

Photography on mobile devices has improved substantially in the last generations of devices. You can discard to carry a camera with you since, for a daily use, the cameras of our devices give magnificent results. The iPhone introduced a double camera to incorporate the bokeh effect, something that became a standard among all brands of mobile, but now want to go a little further by incorporating a third camera on the iPhone 2019 , something we have already seen in the Huawei P20 Pro , which we have already talked about in Android Help.

As reported in the Economic Daily News, Apple is considering incorporating a third camera in the iPhone 2019 of 12 megapixels, very similar to what we have seen in the Huawei P20 Pro that has opened the ban on incorporating this third camera this year.

Apple could introduce a triple-camera iPhone in 2019
Apple could introduce a triple-camera iPhone in 2019

In this report it has been stated that this camera that they are thinking of integrating from Cupertino would have a P6 design with a 5x zoom , although it is not specified if it will be an optical, digital or hybrid zoom.

The fact that a third lens is incorporated means a great advantage when taking incredible photographs . According to different media in their reviews, the P20 Pro is better in photography than the Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X, something that we should end up trying out ourselves.

That’s why if this rumor becomes strong, we will surely see next year an iPhone with a third camera that is sure to be well received by all of us , and will make our phone have a better camera, although we must wait to see how Apple ends up exploiting it.

Leave us in the comment box if you think the 2019 iPhone will incorporate this new camera system.

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