Apple could increase its shares today according to analysts

Yesterday Apple’s Q3 2019 fiscal results were announced, in them we saw some interesting data such as the slowdown in iPhone sales is not as drastic as in previous quarters but it is still present . Another important fact that seems to have permeated investors is the growth in the area of services of the company. Below we analyze the reasons why Apple could grow on the stock market in the coming days.

In the last fiscal quarter, Apple achieved a figure of $11.455 billion in service revenue. This is an increase of almost 20% from $9.548 billion in the same quarter last year. This is undoubtedly a very positive figure for the company, which is putting a lot of emphasis on this area with the arrival of new services such as the Apple Card, Apple TV+ or Apple Arcade.

Apple could increase its shares today according to analysts
Apple could increase its shares today according to analysts

Apple’s stock market situation yesterday, in grey the forecast

Investors seem optimistic not only with the results shown by Apple during these months but for the near future, waiting for the official arrival of new services and new equipment such as the new iPhone or new iPad. As we can see in the graph, Apple closed yesterday with a drop of 0.43% but it is shown how could rise sharply today thanks to forecasts that point to a rise in the value of the shares of 4.15% .

It doesn’t seem that Apple could be again the company of the billion dollars as it happened in 2018 at this time, but several analysts already pointed out that if the firm led by Tim Cook wanted to be strong again in the stock market it should make another approach as it is doing in recent months.

The forecasts shown for today are just that, forecasts, but it should be noted that these are usually met often and although the figure may vary it seems clear that it is an increase. It is always risky for a listed company to publish its quarterly results, but on occasions like these we see that they end up with good results.

Therefore, and in the absence of further information, it only remains to say that on this page we will publish any information that may be relevant to this topic. You can leave us your impressions in the comment box.

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