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Apple could improve Siri’s integration with iMessage

¡El procesador A11 ya está en marcha!

Por otra parte, Siri soportaría conversaciones multiusuario . De esta manera, dos usuarios utilizarían en tiempo real a Siri en una misma conversación y obtendrían información conjunta entre ambos, pudiendo aplicar dichas acciones a los dos sujetos a la vez. Es decir, Siri actuaría como si de una tercera persona se tratara .

Apple could improve Siri’s integration with iMessage
Apple could improve Siri’s integration with iMessage

Sinceramente, pienso que esta nueva mejora de Siri va a ser de gran utilidad. De momento no sabemos cuando estará disponible esta funcionalidad, aunque se rumorea que se encontrará en la próxima versión del sistema: iOS 11 .

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Every few years, new records are being made by Cupertino’s people. On this occasion, the Patent and Trademark Office has registered a new operation that would be related to Siri . What is it about?

According to this request, the company’s engineers would like to improve the integration of two of Apple’s great services: iMessage and Siri . Specifically, it would improve the functionality and automation of Siri, as it would be compatible with the company’s messaging service.

Today, Siri needs our voice recognition to be able to perform her tasks. However, this new patent would leave open the great bet that could apply the Californians in the intelligent service of the company.

Over the past few years, Apple has invested heavily in improving this service . A clear example was the arrival of the current version of the operating system: iOS 10. Without a doubt, the improvement of Siri was more than evident, as the functionalities increased significantly.

As you can see from the images in the log, Siri would be able to work through other types of communication , such as: audio, images or video.

In addition, the integration of the wizard with iMessage would allow us to use the messaging app more conveniently by merging and enhancing features. A clear example would be to be able to use Siri in quiet places, where we cannot use our speech recognition. In addition, would be able to search for information and consult conversations in the iMessage application itself .

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