Apple could have registered a new Apple TV as a console

We told you a few weeks ago how Apple has an extraordinary potential to have its own game console, now it seems that Apple could have registered a Apple TV in the category of video consoles.

It would not be surprising, the Californians already put in our living room a very interesting entertainment device, as it is the Apple TV. In this “magic box” we have the possibility to watch movies, listen to Podcasts, watch live videos and even play games .

Apple could have registered a new Apple TV as a console
Apple could have registered a new Apple TV as a console

The latter was emphasised with the new Siri Remote , where we have the possibility of using the remote as a system controller, similar to those used on the Nintendo system.

Since Patently Apple airman that the company led by Tim Cook, updated the application for the Apple TV, specifically in the category of video consoles. This category is in the international class 028.

As we have already mentioned, the Apple TV has an extraordinary power and a wide range of games, where it would be much more interesting to be able to adapt them with console controls such as the Nimbus .

In iOS we have very powerful games, both at a graphic level and of interest to users. Curiously, games like FIFA or NBA , that is, recurrent games that we find in consoles and in iOS, we cannot find them in Apple TV at the moment.

If games of this calibre make the leap to Apple TV and with the possibility of playing them with a games controller, Apple TV could become a new way of playing and a a new console for a specific public, and why not say so, for a general public as well.

Now we just need to know that you have prepared Apple , since this 2018 is presented apparently with many new features, of which, we, the end users will be the big beneficiaries.

Do you think it would have a market? What do you think of this idea?

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