Apple could halve its profits from streaming applications

Through some information that has been published in the media of Bloomberg, Apple would be considering the possibility of reducing the income obtained through streaming applications . However, we would be facing a major change in the perception and policy of the company’s video subscriptions.

The Californian firm could reduce the percentage of subscription income from 30 to 15 percent . This would halve the company’s revenue, allowing the developers of the platform to be satisfied, and thus improve the relationship between the two .

Apple could halve its profits from streaming applications
Apple could halve its profits from streaming applications

Based on this new strategy, Cupertino’s would satisfy the developers of its platforms , increasing the percentage of creators’ income. Therefore, Cupertino’s would also see an increase in the amount of revenue, since the developers would benefit more from the new strategy and the number of applications on the platforms of the developers on the block would increase.

More content and better service , would be two of the aspects that Californians would achieve. It should be noted that currently several subscriptions to these services cost more when made through the iOS system. Thus, prices could be further adjusted, as higher profits could reduce the cost of the subscription itself.

There are many platforms that have expressed their discomfort with the laws imposed by Apple. Without going any further, Spotify has already shown its disagreement with the policies of the Apple people.

Little by little the firm is adjusting these policies, as it did with the famous 85-15 . Where the developers themselves took up to 85 percent of the income, compared to the 15 percent taken by the company itself. Although we should stress that this was only for applications that did not offer any kind of subscription cost.

Finally we have to wait to know if Apple will really carry out this reform. In addition, the opinion of the most influential iOS developers should be known before making any modifications.

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